Henry Carr Farm dates from 1978. It was purchased to serve Fr. Henry Carr Secondary School as a haven for students:
  • to study nature,
  • to experience rural life,
  • to learn the virtue of manual work,
  • to retreat from the pressures of city life and
  • to make contact with God through prayer.

Fr. Ed Ronan had, for a number of years, used Judge Coutureís property on the 9th line of Tecumseth to bring St. Michaelís students to a farm and to teach them skills involved in building a house. It became obvious that if Fr. Edís work with students was to continue, he had to purchase the land he was using. At that time, Henry Carr School was looking for a country property to accommodate students. Fr. Ronan asked that his project be incorporated into Fr. Henry Carr School. He and his artistic-manual arts program were a welcome addition to the Henry Carr School program. The acquisition of the farm saved Fatherís work and enriched the school. We purchased the farm minus seven acres which surrounded the judgeís home. When the students, volunteers, and parents completed Fr. Ronanís building we had a residence and a space to teach Henry Carr students.

Students came in great numbers to make use of the farm. Fr. Ronan left
St. Michaelís College School and finished his teaching career at
Fr. Henry Carr Secondary School.

The early years of Henry Carr Secondary were tumultuous. We started the school in portables and then built a building to house the senior, private section of the school. Later the Government granted funds to provide classrooms for grades nine and ten. During this time the students, parents and other volunteers built the farm residence. The volunteers and those who provided materials to build the farm are never forgotten. Regularly, we pray for our benefactors. They participate in the good work of Henry Carr Farm.

The farm is beautiful; the land produces bounteous crops and provides abundant pasture for our eight horses. Some individuals visit the chapel every day for prayer. Some love to walk and enjoy the quiet and the beauty of the land.

You must come and visit.